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Happy Customers

These are so yummy! Add them to tacos, avocado toast, wraps, etc, they go great with everything. Great quality and so fresh.


My family and I have eaten microgreens from different sellers and so far, Ninja Greens has produced the best microgreens on the market!


These are the most delicious and fresh microgreens I've ever had. I am so happy that I found your business. Great price for such great quality!

Cindy Kelly

I'm a person who enjoys the $5 container of Ninja greens. Just the right size package for me. They are always fresh and last for a week or more without any problem. Their varieties are fantastic and they are all very tasty. They are great in a sandwich or just with tomatoes and evoo as a salad. As a local buyer, I am able to take advantage of their free delivery.


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About Ninja Greens

Is your Produce chemical free?

Keeping in mind that health is the new wealth, it's our sincere intention to provide the highest quality produce to our customers. That's why we only use Non GMO seeds grown in  BPA Free Plastic trays made of recyclable, leach resistant polypropylene plastic with no harmful additives. 

Our microgreens are given deep ocean water nutrients that provide natural sources of nitrogen and potassium for optimal health.

When Will I Recieve My Order?

Our Ninja-Mix Box is sold as a one time purchase or as a monthly subscription. It comes with a mix of microgreens that we are currently growing, so expect to receive them promptly.

For our Monthly Subscribers the schedule goes:

Las Vegas- 1st Monday Every Month

Henderson-2nd Monday Every Month

Boulder City- 3rd Monday Every Month

How Much will i pay for delivery

We offer FREE delivery anywhere in Boulder City. For the Henderson and Las Vegas areas a $10.00 fee will be applied. 

Our Ninja-Mix monthly subscribers receive FREE delivery in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City

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Freqently Asked questions

What You Should Know

Microgreens vs sprouts - what's the difference?


* 7-14 day old shoots

* grown in soil or other medium

* only leaves and stems are eaten

* grown in a ventilated environment under light (less chance of bacteria to hold)

* More flavorful 


* 1- 4 day old germinated seeds

* germinated in water only

* entire root, shoots, and underdeveloped leaves are eaten (not as nutrient dense or flavorful)

* grown in intense humidity with little to no light

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